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  1. Wondering when QLINE will arrive? You're not alone, but new system could change that

The overall goal is to develop a system that does more than just rate and score teacher performance, according to the agenda item. Likewise, teachers will be empowered to use the evaluation system and its tools to reflect on their own practices and seek out additional support where needed. Lakia Wilson, executive vice president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers, raised one concern during the meeting, saying the system treats all teaching disciplines the same.

Wondering when QLINE will arrive? You're not alone, but new system could change that

Vitti had earlier noted that the evaluation system was developed during the last school year with feedback from teachers and the union. A teacher can earn points under the system, with 10 of those points coming from the student surveys. Another 40 points will be based on the amount of improvement students have on standardized exams, with 40 points based on classroom observations and 10 points based on their commitment to the school community.


The plan would make it easier for teachers to keep track of the points they accumulate so there are no surprises at the end of the school year. Become a Chalkbeat sponsor.

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Student input would play a part in new Detroit teacher evaluation system. By Lori Higgins.

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