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WebMD archives content after 2 years to ensure our readers can easily find the most timely content. Hey parents: Raise your hand if you've ever yelled at your kids this is the Internet; no one's looking. After you've made your ten-trillionth request to "please stop torturing your little sister," it's easy for enlightened parenting techniques to evaporate in a cloud of overwhelmed frustration. Result: yelling. The problem is, yelling never feels good, for anyone. When was the last time you felt better after someone yelled at you, or you yelled at them?

New research suggests that yelling at kids can be just as harmful as hitting them; in the two-year study, effects from harsh physical and verbal discipline were found to be frighteningly similar. A child who is yelled at is more likely to exhibit problem behavior, thereby eliciting more yelling.

2Pac – Holler If Ya Hear Me Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

It's a sad cycle. Try communicating a request instead of a command, and see if you notice the difference. If the child had not made lunch AND had decided not to spend their money to buy their own lunch, there may have been some well intentioned person that made the leap in logic to say that the child was being neglected. I just had this happen with my daughter who has been distracted when getting ready. I did make her use some of her money, but I split it with her. It still taught her a lesson, but she knew I was helping and cared too.

Unfortunately, our school district is too child friendly sometimes if that makes sense? I work. They know I work and was already in the office.

HelloMasters Podcast Episode 012 – Rado Raykov – CEO at

I can totally relate. I get ZERO support from this village, and often times wonder where the adults are who enable this behaviour?. I read this comment to my teacher-spouse. Not all teachers or other school personnel may agree with this rule, but must follow it. Perhaps the child should make lunch the night before while dinner is being prepared. Becky, I look for ideas like yours with the lunch issue to help my kids feel some responsibility.

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The mom set it up with the principal of the school beforehand, and told the child the car was leaving for school at the normal time and no matter how ready he was for school, he had to be in that car. But they know they can count on our support at the same time. And it is important, as Kimberly pointed out, that the school is understanding and cooperative about parents trying to teach their kids life lessons.

By Stanley Turecki.

Now is the Time to Scream, Holler and Shout! - The Pain Community

Highly recommended! Growing up my mom had us pack our lunches daily starting in 3rd grade and I did the same with my 3 boys. They figured out that their mom was not a lunch taxi cab.

They also figured out that their friends would share a half sandwich, their chips or an apple with them. They are all now recent college grads and very independent and well adjusted young men who have great jobs and their own apartments. I agree, Barry. She called him out of class this was years ago and gave him the coat because she felt sorry for him.

I was so upset. I just finished teaching a class on Positive Guidance, and my class touched on many of the points you listed in the article. With my students being in their late teens and early twenties, the topic of cyber bullying is a major concern to them. They have witnessed it and many have dealt with it. It is truly alarming! Not long ago, I was in a restaurant with three friends. A nice looking family came in and were seated in a booth adjacent to us.

They only talked when the waitress took their order. Even more scary was when they continued to be engrossed in the electronics once their food arrived. We never saw them talk to each other. As a grandmother to six children, I understand how it can be in a restaurant when the wait for the food order becomes long. Also as a mother and an early childhood educator I see the importance of teaching social skills and manners when in a restaurant. I just hope and pray that families grasp the issue of how detrimental technology can be to the overall social and emotional development of children.

To be honest, I totally dislike social media and truly think this has been a major breakdown in relationships rather that building relationships up. After all, why talk to one another when you can read it all anyway? And with social media, there is often no filter on what is stated. It is just sad to me!

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Thanks for your article. I plan to forward the link on to my students and the parents of my grandchildren. A suggestion about the restaurant — we often take a game to play whilst waiting for the food to arrive. Joyce, As a 70 year old grandmother of 5 grandchildren I totally agree with your views! I always wonder why parents of children age 16 and under would let their children become addicted to a smartphone. Upon returning home, they turn in the cellphone until they go out again.

No texting, no social media, no internet, no games. If the child needs to email, etc.

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We grandparents see the writing on the wall…we can only be advocates for our grandchildren and try to be there for them and hope and pray for their survival in this fast paced, impersonal environment they are growing up in. Gob Bless our children….. Children Come First! I have high schoolers, a freshman and a junior. It drives me nuts! I agree so much with these findings. Yes- our son is in 5th grade and ALL of his work is online. He literally has NO books. There was an interesting study done comparing textbooks on electronics to paper textbooks. Students loved the electronic textbooks and thought they were reading faster and learning more but the study showed there was a significant difference in reading comprehension.

Students did much better with paper textbooks rather than their electronic counterparts. Our kids do all homework requiring Electronics at the dining table where we can monitor their activity. No Electronics allowed in their rooms. This way, we know it is purely school work and nothing else. I totally agree! Love your article.

The scary truth about what’s hurting our kids

Have you heard about Brad Huddleston, Digital Cocaine. Please look it up, our school had him come speak 2 yrs ago good info. Totally disagree with talking to kids while driving. Wrong wrong wrong. Say hello then go home and talk. Being distracted while driving is dangerous. We lived near a school and had to deal with this on a daily basis. I want you to know that if you ever hurt yourself, you would be hurting your whole family. My happiness would go away with yours. He has overdosed at least 4 times, last night was one.