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  1. Omosessualità e cinema italiano. Dalla caduta del fascismo agli anni di piombo
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Omosessualità e cinema italiano. Dalla caduta del fascismo agli anni di piombo

I have, of late years, been so fortunate as to make the acquaintance of Mr. Panizzi, of the British Museum, and to obtain also his approbation of these English versions of his great national poet. It is by his advice, and that of other very high authorities, that I now make this collection of my attempts, adding, thus late in life, a few more Sonnets and Canzoni, with the remarkable passage containing a description of Laura's death-bed, in the "Trionfo della Morte : and thus giving specimens of all the Poet's different styles of composition in what was then called the lingua volgare.

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These have been considerably, and, perhaps, unnecessarily increased by the shackles I imposed on myself in adhering so strictly to the form of my original; generally giving line for line, as literally as possible, without being absolutely Hamiltonian.

Panizzi urged the expediency of giving at least one of the three Canzoni, which have for five hundred years been esteemed by Italian critics capi lavoro of their great poet, and distinguished by the title of "le tre sorelle.

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The Canzone, "Quando il soave mio fido conforto," appeared to me written in the spirit of a person giving a faithful and simple account of his dream. I have also sought for variety in my selection of the Sonnets; and you will find some of the Poet's earlier and more impassioned effusions, some of a more pathetic character after Laura's death, and some expressive of pious contrition, as in the two sublime prayers, "Padre del Ciel," and "I' vo piangendo.

Guri Schwarz | University of Genova -

The most difficult task of all has been the fragment from the "Trionfo della Morte," where, to one bent on observing the form of the original, the terza rima presents almost insuperable obstacles, both from the paucity of rhyme in our language, and the little liberty we enjoy in this free country of altering our words to serve our purpose, while the oppressed Italians carry their freedom, in that instance, almost to license.

This has been my last attempt. I have added to the collection some stanzas suggested by Petrarch's "Amor se vuoi," which appeared to me too long and diffuse for translation, and also some English versions made at Mr.

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Panizzi's request of passages in Pulci, Bernardo Tasso, and Fortiguerra, which are to be found in the learned, spirited, and highly entertaining essay which prefaces his edition of Boiardo and Ariosto. That this little volume may have some value in your eyes, my dear Grandchildren, when you shall have, in the natural course of events, lost your old playfellow, a title I shall prefer to any other you can give me, while I may yet be permitted to enjoy it , is the last wish of the expiring literary ambition of your very affectionate.

In the electronic edition, the entire Italian text is given first, followed by the English translation. To understand them fully it is only necessary to know that the Paladin Ulivieri went into the East where he was so fortunate as to deliver Forisena from a monster whose food she was destined to be; but was wounded in the hand before destroying it. When he returns from the battle so wounded she perceives that he loves her.

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Some stanzas are omitted towards the end, containing merely her conversion to Christianity, together with the reasons that obliged the Paladin to return westward. From whence with grace and goodness compassed round, He ruleth, blesseth, keepeth all he wrought, Above the air, the fire, the sea and ground, Our sense, our wit, our reason and our thought, Where persons three, with power and glory crowned, Are all one God, who made all things of naught, Under whose feet, subjected to his grace, Sit nature, fortune, motion, time and place.

There He, enwrapped in His own splendour, still blinds even worthiest vision with His glow. All round Him throng immortals numberless, unequally equal in their happiness. The olive fat there ever buds and flowers, The honey-drops from hollow oaks distil, The falling brook her silver streams downpours With gentle murmur from their native hill, The western blast tempereth with dews and showers The sunny rays, lest heat the blossoms kill, The fields Elysian , as fond heathen sain, Were there, where souls of men in bliss remain.

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Now see her bosom, budding still, unclose and look! She droops, and seems no longer she— not she who in her morning set afire a thousand lads and maidens with desire. Misattributed [ edit ] Fortune rarely accompanies anyone to the door.