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  1. Third Eye: Third Eye Awakening (Psychic Development Series Book 2)
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I like the third eye awakening. Developing our psychic abilities is not easy because some people think we are crazy. What I like in this audio bundle is the third eye awakening. I was really curious on how this works. For more than 3 hrs I enjoyed listening this audio book. I'll be listening to this again over and over. Easy to understand and follow. Would you consider the audio edition of Psychic: 3-in-1 Bundle to be better than the print version?

Yes definitely. It is a great help for someone who wanted to develop their psychic abilities. This book is awesome. I got a lot of ideas on how can I develop my psychic abilities. Also, the voice of the speaker is calm and great. What made the experience of listening to Psychic: 3-in-1 Bundle the most enjoyable? I purchased this book because my third eye would sometimes open on its own.

They I would think now what? How am I supposed to use this power? The first two books in this series gave me a broad idea as to what I'm able to do next. It also provided me clarification in several different terminologies. If you could sum up Psychic: 3-in-1 Bundle in three words, what would they be? This audio book has help me a lot to develop my psychic abilities.

Third Eye: Third Eye Awakening (Psychic Development Series Book 2)

I highly recommend this psychic audio book to anyone interested in developing their intuition. The audio is entertaining and loved it. Very informational and worth my recommendation. I've come to a better perception of the meditative method.

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I've got a level of peace using these chants. Effective exercises so far. But still listening.

This is a blessing! This book helped make things clear for me as far as me feeling like I am highly natural. I highly suggest it. The actions were very clear to understand, I recorded them on my phone for easy playback. I would suggest this book to anyone engaged in preparing their psychic abilities and health.

A good book for beginner psychics and spiritualists. I got a lot about how to get my knowledge and increase my vibration with the meditation exercises. It's helpful because I heard that a Psychic Development is not fundamentally a medium but a medium can be psychic.

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The number dictionary approach and what types could propose are really varied from one frame to another. A lot of problems.


The exercises are clear to follow. I would absolutely suggest this book to anyone wanting to join with their powerful self. Really informative and very helpful enjoyed it got some good information about wicca and third eye opening. This is a very exciting audiobook for those in an exploration of uncovering or discovering their special sensorial abilities, it is a very easy and normal book on what these things are, how to develop them and keep them, the book is very well written and it is truly quite easy to follow and understand.

The book also explains us about all the advantages we can get from perfectly telling and using our more sensorial abilities. Great for beginners with no long epics just all the details and data written so clear can understand it. Emerald Moon has put it all together. I liked this book. I am not a beginner at psi, and so I forever get disappointed at the ABC level of most psychic development topics. This had that, though all the activities can be modified for more skilled psychics, and his descriptions are rich and satisfying.

Audible UK | Free Audiobook with Day Trial |

It was a great refresher course for me. I tremendous into meditation and liked getting about all the diverse kinds of ways to meditate and open up my feeling yet more. By: Emerald Moon. Narrated by: Stef P. Length: 3 hrs and 11 mins. People who bought this also bought Haight Length: 3 hrs and 54 mins Unabridged Overall. Publisher's Summary Discover how to develop your psychic abilities!

The deeper magic of this tumbled emerald

Three books in one! Before you read any further, answer these simple questions: Have you ever wondered if you had telepathic powers? Have you heard of astral projection, or psychic premonition, and wished you could experience something similar? Would you be surprised or pleased to discover that with just a little information and practice, you really could become psychic? In addition to general psychic development information, in this power pack you will discover: Specific steps you can take to open your Third Eye What crystals you can purchase for an enhanced experience How to begin practicing witchcraft with simple love, health, and prosperity spells And much, much more!

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Full Moon in Sagittarius

Alfredo Mars Life changing Any additional comments? Kenneth Bodger Wish I'd bought this bundle first Any additional comments? April Williams Adamson Third eye awakening Which scene was your favorite? Anonymous User Amazon Customer Definitely for beginners Easy to understand and follow. Megan Wilson Good bundle Would you consider the audio edition of Psychic: 3-in-1 Bundle to be better than the print version?

Shienichi Develop our Psychic abilities This book is awesome. Baileyminn A descriptive experience What made the experience of listening to Psychic: 3-in-1 Bundle the most enjoyable? Krystle Bueno McCreavy I enjoyed listening to this so much If you could sum up Psychic: 3-in-1 Bundle in three words, what would they be? Show More. Tomas I first thought it might be the God Consciousness telling me that I was on the wrong track and I sat down to feel into my heart.

I felt darkness arising and allowed myself to sink into this inner darkness, slowly and gently journeying deeper. Now, that was an unusual one! I am not a shy person; I can approach others easily and blend with people from all walks of life. Most people would call me an extrovert.

Allowing is the key It sparked my curiosity and I continued my inner journey through layers of fears and let them shift and transform. The key here is allowing. Allowing whatever wants to come to the surface or unfold. In order to dive deeper however, all we need to do is stay in this loving, receptive state with ourselves, allow ourselves to sink deeper, very gently, being a neutral, but compassionate observer. Touching the essence I was then taken on a most beautiful inner shamanic journey, connecting with other life times where the enlightened ones chose solitude and the pure energy of nature; welcoming spiritual seekers, but not putting themselves out into the world.

There was this man, so humble, so shy, radiating so much love that animals would come to see him and be in his presence, birds would land on his shoulder, cats and dogs lie at his feet and the plants in his garden made sounds of music out of pure joy. He welcomed visitors who sought his advice in his very calm and unpretentious manner. I could feel his essence, merging with it, awakening in me, being part of me. A wonderful experience where you can feel the essence of love welling up from the core, rippling through every atom of your being and enhancing the love you carry.

I am still integrating this profound experience, transformation is taking place and many things make so much more sense now. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.