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  1. Poem of the week: Amours de Voyage by Arthur Hugh Clough | Books | The Guardian
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In , he witnessed another revolution, the siege of the Roman Republic , which inspired another long poem, Amours de Voyage reprinted by Persephone Books in Easter Day , written in Naples, was a passionate denial of the Resurrection and the fore-runner of the unfinished poem Dipsychus.

Since , Clough had been financially responsible for his mother and sister following the death of his father and younger brother and the marriage of his elder brother. In the autumn of , to provide for them, he became principal of University Hall , [10] a hostel for Unitarian students at University College, London , but found its ideology as oppressive as that which he had left behind in Oxford. There he remained several months, lecturing and editing Plutarch for the booksellers, until in the offer of an examinership in the Education Office brought him to London once more.

He devoted enormous energy to work as an unpaid secretarial assistant to his wife's cousin Florence Nightingale. In , his health began to fail.

Poem of the week: Amours de Voyage by Arthur Hugh Clough | Books | The Guardian

From April , he traveled strenuously in Greece , Turkey and France, where he met up with the Tennyson family. Despite his fragile health, this Continental tour renewed a state of euphoria like that of —9, and he quickly wrote the elements of his last long poem, Mari Magno. His wife joined him on a voyage from Switzerland to Italy , where he contracted malaria.

He died in Florence on 13 November Matthew Arnold wrote the elegy of Thyrsis to his memory. Clough and his wife had three children: Arthur, Florence, and Blanche Athena. Shortly before he left Oxford, during the Irish potato famine , Clough wrote an ethical pamphlet addressed to the undergraduates, with the title, A Consideration of Objections against the Retrenchment Association at Oxford His Homeric pastoral The Bothie of Toper-na-fuosich , afterwards renamed Tober-na-Vuolich , and written in hexameter is full of socialism , reading-party humours and Scottish scenery.

Ambarvalia , published jointly with his friend Thomas Burbidge , contains shorter poems of various dates from circa onwards. Amours de Voyage , a novel in verse, was written at Rome in ; Dipsychus , a rather amorphous satire, at Venice in ; and the idylls which make up Mari Magno, or Tales on Board , in A few lyric and elegiac pieces, later in date than the Ambarvalia , complete Clough's poetic output. His only considerable enterprise in prose was a revision of a 17th-century translation of Plutarch called the " Dryden Translation," but actually the product of translators other than Dryden which occupied him from , and was published as Plutarch's Lives Clough's output is small and much of it appeared posthumously.

The Everyman's Library, No. This celebrated translation does full justice to the speed, clarity, and stately grandeur of the Roman Empire's most maginificent literary work of art. Brown By Mark A. This anthology demonstrates that verse translation from the Irish represents, in its own right, a significant part of the tradition of Irish poetry written in English.

Rather than offering the usual view of verse translation as a means of preserving and providing access to poetry written in Irish, this anthology foregrounds the aesthetic and cultural value of verse translation as poetry. The anthology is historical in form, beginning with a translation done in , and concluding with the work of contemporary poets.

Each translator is introduced with a headnote and each translation is fully annotated and accompanied by the original text in Irish and a literal translation of it into English. The anthology includes a critical introduction which offers a concise but remarkably wide-ranging account of Irish poetry over the past three centuries, drawing attention to the relevant cultural and political circumstances from which it was wrought, with colonial and postcolonial issues particularly in mind. While at the same time the introduction gives careful and illuminating consideration to verse forms and other technical concerns.

There is a strong sense of persistent cultural endeavour that gives coherence to a large group of writers and translators from diverse social, religious and political backgrounds. The anthology provides a great service to scholars working in the field of modern Irish literature by bringing together some of the well-known works of seminal poets and translators such as James Clarence Mangan and Samuel Ferguson together with literal translations of the originals on which their writings were based.

In this respect, the anthology opens up a vivid and revealing perspective, allowing readers a privileged insight into the creative methods of some of Irelands leading authors and cultural architects. A comprehensive bibliography of primary sources concludes the book. These acclaimed translations of Rilke have won praise for their impeccable adherence to the poet's lyrical verse and complexity of thought. From the two-term Poet Laureate of the United States Billy Collins comes his first compilation of new and selected poems in twelve years.

His work is featured in top literary magazines such as The New Yorker, Poetry, and The Atlantic, and he sells out reading venues all across the country. Appearing regularly in The Best American Poetry series, his poems appeal to readers and live audiences far and wide and have been translated into more than a dozen languages.

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Describes the relationship between two award-winning poets and their conversations about their lives, their art and the world around them as relayed in nearly letters sent between and Abu'l-Tayyib al-Mutanabbi is often regarded as the greatest of the classical Arab poets, with his work occupying a unique position at the heart of Arab culture.

Born the son of a water-carrier in Kufah, Iraq, al-Mutanabbi lived a tumultuous life spent in court employment writing panegyrics for his many patrons, and in periods of imprisonment and exile - the latter a consequence of his revolutionary activities and provocative personality.

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This concise and yet enthralling study analyzes the main features of al-Mutanabbi's writing in the context of the diverse stages of his life and career. Including an invaluable and Highly accessible presentation of the rich tradition of poetry and Arab culture that al-Mutanabbi inherited, and of which he would become a central figurehead, this is a well researched and inviting look at the great poet and the mystique that has surrounded both him and his work. Pre-ordering does not guarantee a signed copy or grant event admission. Many first come to London through poetry, through nursery rhymes such as 'London Bridge is Falling Down,' then later through the poems of great literature.

All for M. The best-selling author of Chasers of the Light presents a collection of his beautifully written daily love haikus that are paired with his signature photographs. Beloved poet and performer Maya Angelou, bestselling author of 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,' offers her message of joy and peace during the holiday season in 'Amazing Peace,' a beautiful Christmas poem. In this deeply moving poem, Angelou encourages us to remember the peace and promise of Christmas in hopes that we can unite and become a world of love.

Angelou's poem is a radiant affirmation of the goodness of life and a beautiful holiday gift for people of all faiths. Ambrosian Absolution By Steven G. An anthology organized chronologically by the poets' birthdates. The range of tone and subject matter is immense, reflecting the diversity of poetic forms assumed by American poets in the wake of the modernist renaissance, while the impact of the Depression and World War II and the continuing political struggle of African-Americans became part of the fabric of a literature in transition.

Biographical sketches; extensive notes; index of titles and first lines; index of poets. This grounbreaking volume offers a fresh look at early American poetry, charting its evolution over a span of almost two centuries, from the first years of English settlement in the New World to the death of George Washington.

This volume spans the history of the nation. A cigar-smoking proponent of free-verse modernism in open rebellion against her distinguished Boston lineage, Amy Lowell cut an indelible public figure in her lifetime. This new selection explores Lowell's full formal range, including 'cadenced verse,' 'polyphonic prose,' narrative poetry, and adaptations from the Chinese, and gives a fresh sense of the passion and energy of her work. Maya Angelou's third poetry collection, a unique celebration of life, consists of rhythms of strength, love, and remembrance, songs of the street, and lyrics of the heart.

Publisher Series: Everyman's Poetry

Author Chronologies. In this fully documented study, the new life-records are integrated with an extensive review of previous scholarship, supplying the first fresh synthesis in seventy-five years of all known Marvell materials. Gibson English and gender studies, U.

Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth - Arthur Hugh CLOUGH Audiobook

The majority of poets are, unsurprisingly, of British origin, but the works of a number of native Indian poets are included as well, Nobel winner Rabindranath Tagore perhaps the most notable of them. Gibson includes notes on vocabulary and historical and cultural references and includes biographical introductions for the poets.

As a psychologist, Lisa C. Krueger is familiar with digging into what makes us human. The joys and celebrations or the pain of what cuts the skin—and what cuts deeper. Comprises 53 poems that were not published during Anne Finch's lifetime nor in a posthumous collection.

Edited by Matthew Bevis

Most of the poems presented were written during the last decade of Finch's life. Includes textual notes, commentary, and an introduction that examines many of the issues relevant to Finch's poetry such as the political climate, literary milieu, personal circumstances, and gender awareness. Indexed by proper names, titles, and first lines. Annotation c. In this remarkable collection of National Book Award winning poet and former Library of Congress poetry adivisor William Stafford's work, readers will be pleased to find a world in which peace and freedom are in place.

Although broken into a sizeable collection of shorter poems, this illuminating volume tells the story of a committed pacifist living in a time of war, of a young poet's life in American poetry beginning to surface. Aphrodite and Eros By Barbara M. Apocrypha By Catherynne M. With Apple Delights Cookbook, Karen Jean Matsko Hood has expertly compiled some of the best recipes to be had concerning this delicious and versatile fruit.

Arthur Hugh Clough: Everyman's Poetry (Everyman's Poetry)

This cookbook is abundant with delicious apple recipes. Each recipe has easy-to-follow directions and uses ingredients that are readily available. Of course, the most important ingredients are apples, which you can pick yourself for the freshest taste, or purchase from any grocery store or market. Please visit our website at www. Whispering Pine Press, Inc. A compilation of poetic works reproduces Cather's revised and expanded edition and is complemented by previously uncollected and unpublished poems as well as a selection of her newly released letters, in a volume that offers insight into her lesser-known poetic achievements and her symbolic use of mythological landscapes.

Poems written over the past thirty-five years deal with memories, love, self-image, politics, writers, riddles, art, and fame. Kenny's well researched biography of Clough will do much to further the resurgence of interest in this Victorian poet. See yonder fire!

It is the moonSlow rising o're the eastern hill. It glimmers in the forest tips. And through the dewey foliage dripsIn little rivulets of light. And makes the heart in love with night. This unqiue and richly illustrated gift book is designed to be a cherished expression of love to be given during the full moon.